Curcuma (Hidden Lily)


Curcuma plants thrive best in full sun as they stay moist and healthy in hot climatic conditions.



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Size & Growth

The Curcuma ginger are small, outdoor plants. They do not spread and remain to be the same size throughout the season.

During mid-summer, dense spikes of clustered flowers grace the plant. These mildly-fragrant flowers last for three weeks.

Once the flowering period is over, the turmeric becomes dormant.

The heat-loving turmeric is usually cultivated in nursery pots from rhizomes planted in early spring.

While cultivating rhizomes, make sure to plant them at a depth of 2″ – 4″ inches.

Potted plants must be set into the soil at the same level at which they typically grow in the pot.

Curcumas can thrive and survive on their own. But they make a beautiful accent to flowers like evolvulus, blue salvia, and caladium.

When curcumas are grown with other flowers, they spike up to 18″ – 24″ inches in height.

Flowering & Fragrance

The ginger Curcuma is recognized as one of the most vibrant summer garden plants.

During its flowering season, the succulent plant produces bright, trumpet-shaped flower spikes with blossoms in pink, white, and purple hues.

They also produce bitter-smelling leaves which make them stand out from the crowd.

Some curcuma species emerge before the foliage (hidden gingers) and make for the best summer cut flowers.

These small, summery flowers adorn the plant’s lengthy stems which also boast green, lance-shaped leaves.

They make for a gorgeous addition to garden beds, garden borders, and container gardens.

Light & Temperature

Curcuma plants thrive best in full sun as they stay moist and healthy in hot climatic conditions.

At times, the soil of these heat-tolerant plants may dry out in warm temperature.


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